Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New Catholic Medical Association Students Section

The past three months have been very busy.  The Catholic Medical Students Association official no longer exists, but is now become the Catholic Medical Association- Students Section.  Prior to this change, the CMSA was a loose, independent affiliation of individuals around the country.  We had many struggles in maintaining our structure and continuity. However, all of that is changing now.

With the creation of the Catholic Medical Association-Students Section, we will now be officially a part of the CMA and have administrative and monetary support for our mission.  The CMA is extremely happy to have us as a part of their organization and have gone to great lengths to support the CMA-SS.

This is going to be a great opportunity for medical students around the country who are looking to be a part of a group who has national voice in the defense of Catholic medicine.  By joining the CMA-SS, students will also have access to a database of other members and guilds in their area or in places they may be looking at for residency.  The students will also receive the Linacare Quarterly, an great Catholic bioethics journal, and they will also be eligible for scholarships to the yearly meetings.

As a group, the CMA-SS is striving to help form Catholic medical students as strong and faithful doctors.  We hope to do this by facilitating relationships between Catholic physicians and students and by giving the support that each student needs to be a faithful Catholic physician.

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