Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Beginning: I SWEAR by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius...

I should probably be writing this under a pseudonym, but I already clicked “create blog” so there is no turning back.

Two weeks ago I started medical school. This blog shall be my chronicle of the life of a particular medical student whose more defining adjective is “Catholic” (namely, me). In this forum, I will try to address particular challenges which Catholic medical students face and hopefully be able to offer medical students, premeds, and anyone else some advice. May the journey begin. (The photo is of me and my fellow medical students taking our pledge to uphold the principles of the medical profession as students. I'm in the pink, signing my name to the pledge. You can check out the story at


  1. We don't have this pledge in England, but most of us start medical school at the age of 18 so probably aren't mature enough to know what we're letting ourselves in for! It looks to me like an excellent practice, one I would like to do when I qualify (possibly with the blessing of a priest)

  2. Congratulation on your web...I'm a father of a son who is hoping to enter medical school in Canada. I will try to encourage him to navigate your site in the hope that he will receive some insight.

    As a professor of human services at a small college, I am aware of a variety of philosophical perspectives that are offered to our future students. Some are good, most are bad , and the majority are ugly. I believe that you are correct in bridging faith and reason into your way of seeing the world.

    Now that Jean Paul 11 is dead, allow me to pray that he intercedes for all of us who love the Truth and that the Holy Spirit guide us in a better understantding of charity, especially in the area of health care.

    Continue to have courage; persevere in good times or in bad times.

    It is a blessing for me to see that there are young and beautiful minds doing God's work.

    Union in prayer.

    Professor ????

    P.S. I wish that some day we have more truly catholic medical schools established accross the world. Correct Catholic formation begins at the beginning, with family, but must be supported by social institution such as catholic medical schools independent of secular and relativist medical curriculum.

    In Canada, there are hard to find, making catholic formation difficult.

    Imagine a catholic medical school where faculty, administration,students and the Church work together for building healthy communities. Let's call the first one St-Luke medical school after the patron saint of physicians or Jean Paul 11 medical school after Jean Paul the Great whose philosophy is kicking some real serious gletuous maximus.

    Thought I would share my dreams with you as you have so generously share some of yours.

    Good luck in your studies and in your journey. The journey is always easier on the two wings of faith and reason.