Friday, March 19, 2010

A Message from the Catholic Medical Association

March 18 Health Care Legislation Alert!
Dear CMA Members:
Starting on Monday of this week with the Catholic Health Association, a number of real and self-described Catholics have launched an all-out blitz against the U.S. bishops and in favor of Democrat health care legislation. These groups have targeted Catholic and pro-life legislators, telling them that the Senate bill (which the House of Representatives must pass unchanged) does not provide federal funding of abortion and/or, even if it does, the need for change is so great that legislators should support it anyway.
You can read some of their statements, and the CMA response, in our just released Statement on Health Care Reform and Authentic Catholic Witness.
Others have mounted a strong response as well:
  • Faithful American women religious have posted their own statement of support for Catholic bishops and authentic health care reform
  • The USCCB has exposed the fraudulent claims of one group of women religious
  • The Vatican has issued  a statement upholding the teaching authority of the bishops
  • Individual U.S. bishops have issued strong statements of condemnation and calls for retraction and repentance, including Archbishops Chaput and Naumann, and Bishop Finn.
Please distribute this action alert, and/or the CMA statement, to your colleagues, family, friends pastor, and local bishop.
Let us redouble our prayers and work together to achieve authentic health care reform.
Saints Patrick and Joseph, pray for us!
John F. Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L.
Executive Director and Ethicist

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