Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Gianna Center: Offering Authentic Women's HealthCare

I wanted to pass along this news to anyone who is interested:
First, some background: 

At The Gianna Center, we are delighted to offer a new, exciting approach to women's healthcare.  We combine comprehensive primary care with specialized gynecologic care and serve women with a deep committment to honoring their dignity and the sanctity of human life. 

We are the first women's healthcare center in New York City to make an explicit committment to following the teachings of the Catholic Church in the provision of our healthcare services, and we look forward to providing these services to all women, regardless of their faith tradition or personal beliefs.

Our mission is simple -- to acknowledge the dignity of all women and to provide exceptional, prolife healthcare for women.  Our goal is to be of service to you.  We look forward to serving your healthcare needs.
 Second, a message from the founder:
Hello Everyone,

What a roller coaster this Lent has been for us at The Gianna Center!
In February, just 3 months after the Grand Opening of the Center in Midtown Manhattan, we were notified that funding for the Center was being cut by St. Vincent's Hospital as part of their restructuring efforts to keep the last Catholic Hospital in NYC open.
On Easter Monday, in a true experience of Easter Resurrection, The Gianna Center opened again as a privately owned medical practice which will continue to provide 100% prolife, Catholic healthcare for women and couples in New York City.

Our services will continue uninterrupted, including general medical care and gynecology, prenatal care, and NaProTechology medical and surgical consultations and services.  Dr. Beiter and I will continue to work full-time out of our office at 15 East 40th Street and Dr. Beiter will continue to perform surgery at another hospital here in New York.  Plans are also in place to extend the services of the Center to include psychological counselling services, faithful to the teachings of the Church, in the next few weeks.
Please check out our new website for information and updates.
As we announce our new ownership, I am also excited to announce an incredible event coming this May.
On Monday May 17, 2010, Pierluigi Molla, the son of St. Gianna, our Center's patron saint, will be joining Archbishop Dolan for a morning blessing and enshrinement of a relic of St. Gianna at The Gianna Center at 10 am.  All are welcome, and we would love to see you there.
That Monday evening, a Mass will be offered for the intention of healing for couples struggling with infertility.  The Mass will be held at a location to be announced and will include the opportunity for everyone present to hear about St. Gianna's life from her own son and to recieve a blessing with St. Gianna's relics.  Please consider coming out to this Mass to show your prayerful support for couples suffering from what is often a hidden and painful cross.  More details will follow.
God is good -- in all things, at all times -- but most of all in the amazing work He does in the world through His people.  At this moment, as I announce the "new life" of The Gianna Center, I cannot help but thank the many, many people whose generosity and efforts on behalf of The Gianna Center made it possible for us to keep the Center going over the past 6 weeks, despite this tremendous set-back.

It would not have been possible to keep The Center going without each and every one of you -- and I thank you all!
God bless you.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in New York City!
Anne Mielnik, MD
Founder, Gianna Healthcare for Women

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