Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Updates January 23: Elementary Logic and the Beginning of Life

Good news. Today I received the February issue of This Rock and my article "Elementary Logic and the Beginning of Life" is featured in the "Up a Notch" section. To my great surprise I am in the same issue as one of my favorite authors and a person who was instrumental in my intellectual conversion to Catholicism, Peter Kreeft, who is professor of philosophy at Boston College and author of over forty books. I'll never forget first reading a statement of Kreeft's regarding the intrinsic moral evil of condoms and thinking the man was crazy. Funny to think that I now make arguments similar to his in national publications and consider it an honor to have my name printed beside his, and slightly hopeful that he just might read my article. Perhaps I can expect a phone call or e-mail?

At any rate, I will put the This Rock version up when it becomes available online. For now, check out Eventually my writing will be on their website. Also, read Prof. Kreeft's work at

I have received a bunch of support from fellow bloggers. I intend to link to them once I figure out how to rework this webpage. Any suggestions for this blog? Please let me know. It's supposed to be a forum, not just my random ramblings as entertaining as those might be.

In the near future, look for a post on "Mere Christian Medicine." I'm in the process of putting together an essay which looks at the vocation of the physician from the Christian perspective (the common heritage of Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox believers). Until then, thanks for reading. Expect more posts after February 2nd. This date marks our second anatomy exam over what I like to call the three p's of perdition: pelvis, perineum, and peritoneum. Agite gratias Deo.

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