Sunday, January 24, 2010

Retooling Part II

Welcome to the new "The Catholic Medical Student"

I have been working with Patrick and the Catholic Medical Student Association for the past year and I am excited to be taking over this blog.  I have been working as the vice president of communications for the CMSA, which essentially means I am in charge of the quarterly newsletter.   During the Catholic Medical Association Annual Conference last October, I had an opportunity to speak with several other students, and the idea of revamping this blog and bringing it up to speed was born.

There are two main purposes of this blog.  The first is to create a place where ethical questions pertinent to Catholic medical students can be addressed.  The second purpose is for this to be a place where current events can be commented on from the perspective of a Catholic medical student. 

I encourage readers to email questions or comments, and hopefully in the future we can expand the list of contributors.  So in the coming days, please watch for new posts.  I will be trying to keep a decent pace, at least with some commentary on current events.  God bless!

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